Terrence & RoToniya Kendrick

Terrence & RoToniya Kendrick


Perfect Flight is a full service white dove release company that releases beautiful white birds that can enhance any occasion. We are located 10.5 miles Northeast of Canton, MS in the rural community of Farmhaven. Terrence Kendrick and wife RoToniya started the company in July 2014, although plans and extensive research were done for over eight months prior. The business was first introduced to us in November 2013 by a neighbor and good friend, Albert Brown, who had bred, trained, and raced pigeons since 1985. He was the brains behind the design of our first loft. We have always been fond of exotic birds so the white dove business was a great opportunity to start our own business. After months of research, we quickly designed a loft and began construction. Our first birds were purchased on February 23, 2014 and we were well on our way.

Most people don’t know this, but in the white dove release industry fanciers actually use white homing pigeons. They have the unique ability to return home from great distances. Typical white doves that can be found in pet shops don’t have this ability and therefore are not used for releases. Perfect Flight’s white homing pigeons are housed in a clean, spacious, and well kept loft far in the country where the air is clean and the sounds of wild turkeys and mourning doves make them feel at home and at peace. Our birds are pampered daily and this is why they soar beautifully and return home after each release we conduct.

Perfect Flight will always strive to make your day special and unique with honest dedication and relentless professionalism shown to you throughout your entire event.